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Agricultural L-shape Blade Farm Used Kubota Tractor Rotary Tiller PTO Shaft Spares Chinese Supplier

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Brief introduction of rotary tiller

Rotary tiller is a tilling machine that is equipped with tractors to complete ploughing and hoeing operations. Because of its strong ability to break soil and flat surface after ploughing, it has been widely used. At the same time, it can cut the roots buried below the surface to facilitate the operation of the planter and provide a good seed bed for later seeding.


Model Matched power Working width Working depth No. of blades Overall weight 1GQN-100 12-15HP 100CM 12-16CM 18 200KG 1GQN-125 18-20HP 125CM 12-16CM 26 220KG 1GQN-140 20-25HP 140CM 12-16CM 30 230KG 1GQN-150 25-30HP 150CM 12-16CM 34 240KG 1GQN-160 30-40HP 160CM 12-16CM 38 260KG 1GQN-180 50-55HP 180CM 12-20CM 42 415KG
Features of cultivator
a.Made of manganese steel;
b.Strong ability to break soil, flat surface after ploughing;
c.Be suitable for dry land and paddy field, It can save time ,labor and lower cost
Rotary tiller in the field
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