China Good quality EP Rotary Cutters Gearboxes gearbox code no. EPRC30 – replacement of code no. – omni gear rc30 with Good quality


EP gearbox code no. EPRC30 – substitute of code no. – Omni gear rc30

EP substitution code for Omni gear rc30


  • Shearbolt
  • Gearbox
  • Rotary Cutter

You could do not need a rebuild when you can substitute it at a minimal value.  These gearboxes can be utilized for the replacement of devices like: WAC, Massive Bee, LMC, King Kutter, Midwest, Worksaver, HawkLine, Worldwide, Servis, Bush Hog, some Howse, and numerous far more. P.s. : The changed Gearbox might have a rounded housing or square housing as demonstrated, based on the actual scenario, most inner parts are exactly interchangeable and technical specs for each packing containers are similar!

Disclaimer: Any and all Original Tools Manufacturer’s (OEM) tradenames, trademarks, drawings, colours, descriptive info, and portion quantities are utilized for elements identification needs only, and EPT is in no way implying that any distinct parts are OEM parts. Additional, any use of the OEM’s tradenames, trademarks, drawings or component figures by EPT is designed only to support consumers, in acquiring the proper element or component which will exchange the OEM’s part.

Rotary Cutters Gearboxes  – Gearboxes Particulars:

Substitute thirty-45 HP Omni Gearbox interchange with items RC30 (+ 5 Shear  Nuts & Bolts ) without having oil

ISO (DIN – AGMA ) standard 1-3/8″ easy turning dia. enter shaft (  drilling with 1/2″ shear bolt gap) also plus ring groove, Additionally standard 1.57″ diameter shaped taper 12 tapered spline output shaft, which is the most popular link size for all kinds of mild, common, and medium-obligation rotary cutters.

This large quality with the cheapest value, economically developed gearbox showcased high-high quality ball bearing units and carbonized warmth remedy gears models, and enter and output shafts with prolonged daily life. Four-bolt assembly is our most popular agricultural machinery regular.

  • No oil
  • from thirty – 45HP Rated
  • 1-3/8″ SB enter
  • 1-1/2″ X 12 Spline Output
  • one:1.47 Ratio for use on 5′ and more substantial dia. rotary cutters

Product EPT250001
Rotation  input CCW –  provides output  CW with  Equipment increase Ratio 1:1.47
Input RPM could be:  540/1000   Output RPM could be: 793/1470
Enter HP: 30-forty five
Max Torque: 2800-4667 in.lbs.
Enter Shaft : 1-3/8″ dia. x 3″ prolonged w/1/2″ dia. pinhole
Output Shaft 1-9/16″ dia. twelve tooth tapered spline w/threaded conclude. 4-1/2″ whole duration
Blade Hub 2.95″ dia. x 2.02″ stepped down to 2.5″ dia. x .27″ then tapers down to 2.183″ dia. more than .315″
Mount 4 holes on 6.8″ dia. B.C.
Pilot 5-1/4″ dia.
Size 10-1/4″ x 7″ x 7″
Shpg. fifty four lbs.


The interchange with (substitute for ) BMB – 1080, 10300

The interchange with (alternative for )HARDEE – C1378

The interchange with (alternative for ) MOHAWK – fourteen-500

The interchange with (substitute for ) RHINO – 0711050100, 71105

The interchange with (substitute for ) SE Massive OX – 1970

The interchange with (replacement for ) SIDEWINDER – 26272

  • The interchange with (replacement for ) Many Razorback Series BH4, BH5, BH6 
  • The interchange with (substitute for ) A lot of Razorback Collection BH4-2, BH5-2, BH6-two
  • The interchange with (replacement for ) Several RD5 & RD6 Rotary Cutter
  • The interchange with (alternative for ) A lot of RZ160 Rotary Cutter 
  • The interchange with (substitution for ) Several RZ60 Rotary Cutter 

Applications of Spline Couplings

A spline coupling is a very powerful implies of connecting two or a lot more factors. These varieties of couplings are quite successful, as they merge linear motion with rotation, and their performance helps make them a fascinating decision in quite a few purposes. Go through on to learn far more about the primary characteristics and purposes of spline couplings. You will also be able to decide the predicted procedure and wear. You can easily design and style your very own couplings by subsequent the methods outlined below.

Optimal design and style

The spline coupling performs an important position in transmitting torque. It consists of a hub and a shaft with splines that are in floor make contact with with out relative motion. Simply because they are linked, their angular velocity is the very same. The splines can be made with any profile that minimizes friction. Due to the fact they are in speak to with each other, the load is not evenly dispersed, concentrating on a small spot, which can deform the hub area.
Optimum spline coupling layout requires into account several aspects, including bodyweight, materials traits, and performance needs. In the aeronautics market, fat is an critical design and style aspect. S.A.E. and ANSI tables do not account for excess weight when calculating the efficiency demands of spline couplings. An additional vital factor is space. Spline couplings may possibly need to have to match in limited areas, or they could be subject matter to other configuration constraints.
Best style of spline couplers could be characterized by an odd quantity of teeth. Nonetheless, this is not often the circumstance. If the external spline’s outer diameter exceeds a specific threshold, the ideal spline coupling product may not be an best option for this application. To optimize a spline coupling for a specific software, the user might need to consider the sizing method that is most acceptable for their application.
When a design and style is generated, the subsequent step is to examination the ensuing spline coupling. The system need to examine for any design and style constraints and validate that it can be made making use of present day manufacturing strategies. The ensuing spline coupling model is then exported to an optimisation resource for more examination. The approach enables a designer to effortlessly manipulate the layout of a spline coupling and decrease its excess weight.
The spline coupling model twenty involves the significant structural attributes of a spline coupling. A item product application system ten merchants default values for each of the spline coupling’s requirements. The ensuing spline product is then calculated in accordance with the algorithm utilized in the existing creation. The computer software makes it possible for the designer to enter the spline coupling’s radii, thickness, and orientation.


An critical facet of aero-motor splines is the load distribution between the tooth. The researchers have executed experimental tests and have analyzed the result of lubrication circumstances on the coupling behavior. Then, they devised a theoretical product making use of a Ruiz parameter to simulate the actual operating problems of spline couplings. This model explains the put on hurt induced by the spline couplings by taking into consideration the affect of friction, misalignment, and other situations that are appropriate to the splines’ efficiency.
In purchase to layout a spline coupling, the user first inputs the style standards for sizing load carrying sections, like the external spline forty of the spline coupling product thirty. Then, the person specifies torque margin efficiency prerequisite specifications, such as the generate restrict, plastic buckling, and creep buckling. The computer software plan then immediately calculates the size and configuration of the load carrying sections and the shaft. These specs are then entered into the product software system 10 as specification values.
A variety of spline coupling configuration specifications are input on the GUI display eighty. The software program plan 10 then generates a spline coupling model by storing default values for the various requirements. The user then can manipulate the spline coupling design by modifying its different technical specs. The closing outcome will be a computer-aided design and style that enables designers to optimize spline couplings based on their efficiency and design requirements.
The spline coupling design computer software system regularly evaluates the validity of spline coupling designs for a particular software. For example, if a person enters a information worth signal corresponding to a parameter sign, the software program compares the benefit of the signal entered to the corresponding worth in the information base. If the values are outside the house the specifications, a warning concept is displayed. After this comparison is accomplished, the spline coupling design computer software system outputs a report with the results.
A variety of spline coupling design and style variables contain excess weight, content homes, and performance specifications. Bodyweight is a single of the most crucial design aspects, especially in the aeronautics area. ANSI and S.A.E. tables do not consider these aspects when calculating the load traits of spline couplings. Other style needs may also prohibit the configuration of a spline coupling.


Spline couplings are a sort of mechanical joint that connects two rotating shafts. Its two elements engage tooth that transfer load. Even though splines are frequently above-dimensioned, they are nevertheless inclined to fatigue and static actions. These properties also make them susceptible to use and tear. Consequently, proper design and style and selection are essential to minimize use and tear on splines. There are many purposes of spline couplings.
A important style is based mostly on the dimensions of the shaft getting joined. This allows for the correct spacing of the keys. A novel approach of hobbing allows for the formation of tapered bases with no interference, and the root of the keys is concentric with the axis. These features permit for substantial generation costs. Different purposes of spline couplings can be discovered in various industries. To understand far more, study on.
FE dependent methodology can forecast the use charge of spline couplings by like the evolution of the coefficient of friction. This strategy can forecast fretting dress in from straightforward spherical-on-flat geometry, and has been calibrated with experimental info. The predicted wear price is sensible in comparison to the experimental data. Friction evolution in spline couplings relies upon on the spline geometry. It is also crucial to contemplate the lubrication condition of the splines.
Making use of a spline coupling reduces backlash and guarantees appropriate alignment of mated factors. The shaft’s splined tooth form transfers rotation from the splined shaft to the interior splined member, which may be a gear or other rotary system. A spline coupling’s root power and torque demands figure out the type of spline coupling that ought to be employed.
The spline root is normally flat and has a crown on a single aspect. The crowned spline has a symmetrical crown at the centerline of the face-width of the spline. As the spline length decreases towards the ends, the tooth are becoming thinner. The tooth diameter is measured in pitch. This indicates that the male spline has a flat root and a topped spline.


Spindle couplings are utilised in rotating machinery to connect two shafts. They are composed of two components with enamel that interact each and every other and transfer load. Spline couplings are typically over-dimensioned and are inclined to static and fatigue conduct. Wear phenomena are also a common difficulty with splines. To address these issues, it is crucial to realize the habits and predictability of these couplings.
Dynamic habits of spline-rotor couplings is usually unclear, specifically if the system is not integrated with the rotor. For instance, when a misalignment is not current, the main reaction frequency is one X-rotating speed. As the misalignment raises, the method starts to vibrate in intricate ways. Furthermore, as the shaft orbits depart from the origin, the magnitudes of all the frequencies increase. Thus, research results are helpful in deciding suitable design and troubleshooting of rotor programs.
The model of misaligned spline couplings can be attained by examining the tension-compression associations amongst two spline pairs. The meshing force product of splines is a operate of the program mass, transmitting torque, and dynamic vibration displacement. This design holds when the dynamic vibration displacement is tiny. Besides, the CZPT stepping integration approach is steady and has substantial effectiveness.
The slip distributions are a operate of the point out of lubrication, coefficient of friction, and loading cycles. The predicted put on depths are nicely in the variety of calculated values. These predictions are based mostly on the slip distributions. The methodology predicts increased dress in beneath lightly lubricated conditions, but not underneath included lubrication. The lubrication problem and coefficient of friction are the important aspects figuring out the put on actions of splines.

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