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About tractor pto shaft

A device that outputs part of the power on the tractor to drive the supporting agricultural machinery working mechanism. According to the different installation positions on the tractor, the power take-off shaft can be divided into two types: rear type and front type; according to the characteristics of rotation speed, it can be divided into two types: constant rotation type and synchronous rotation type.

The speed of the synchronous-speed PTO is in some fixed proportion to the speed at which the tractor is traveling. This power take-off shaft is used to drive implements such as seeders, fertilizer spreaders, planters and the drive axles of trailers. On a tractor with higher power, the power take-off shaft has two standard speeds, for which two corresponding shaft heads, or a structure with interchangeable shaft heads.

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The power output of the tractor is also called PTO. PTO is the abbreviation of English Power Take Off. The PTO shaft is a device that outputs part of the power on the tractor to drive the working mechanism of the supporting agricultural machinery and is used to drive the supporting agricultural machinery.

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